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  1. OK, I wish that I had actually written this, I just posted it on September 10, 2005. I was shocked, outraged and grief stricken, as were we all, with the images coming out of New Orleans. I wanted to post something locally and remembered this quote from a favorite book. I still love it!
    The New Orleans Blues

  2. Thanks for twisting my arm. George Bush dropped by Thursday afternoon. He cleverly visited one of the nation’s most problem plagued nuclear plants to point out that we not only need more plants like that, but streamlined approval and inspection processes so it is easier (i.e. cheaper) to build them. Maybe so, but can we trust that the Bush Administration will do that streamlining in a way that protects public saftey?I don’t think so.

  3. I was just looking through some stuff I wrote and after reading the great post from mooncat I decided that this post would be interesting.
    It is about the FDA creating a test that declared the 20 million chickens and 56,000 hogs that ate contaminated pet food and chicken feed are fine for you to eat. But they won’t tell you whose chicken they are (in case you disagree).
    I won’t push a YouTube video by the Pipettes, because I didn’t write it but they are my favorite new girl group, their songs make me smile and I go off humming them. Check ’em out.

  4. For easier access, since I’m an idiot sometimes, just click here.
    Sheesh. You’d think this whole computerin’ bidness would become second nature after a while, but you’d be wrong.
    Enjoy the insanity!

  5. Well, since this is the blog that sort of spawned me and dropped me off at the ER after the First Draft Krewe trip to NOLA, I’ll take the blogwhore offer and let y’all know what I’m doing…
    I first got noticed and put on some local blogrolls for exposing Black Democrat Voter Fraud (check out the picture!) and I’m now the local “expert” on the corrupt story behind the Texas voter registration database. I wrote a whole series on it.
    And my blog isn’t even 3 months old yet! (sniff!)

  6. Here, I respond to some comments on recent arguments on the South and “authenticity.” I also (I think) coin the term “respectablogosphere.”

  7. A few weeks back I wrote a sarcastic response to a report about a general who’d decided he just couldn’t be bothered holding a service for each dead soldier that came back — too much time and trouble.
    If the VFW weren’t so busy cheering for the war and continuing to label the anti-war movement “traitors”, this would be something genuine (along with the cut sin benefits, inadequate PTSD treament etc.) for the Veterans to get behind…

  8. I wrote a diary on Daily Kos called ‘Why the Towers Fell’ about my personal reaction to 9/11 and it’s aftermath living in NYC. It’s kind of dark but it’s honest AND it’s got tons of linky goodness if my writing leaves you flat.
    In hindsight the piece ends kind of ghoulishly with a graphic photo from Iraq. It’s from a checkpoint shooting at Tal Afar and it was the lead story in the rest of the world the day Bush was inaugurated in the US. The closing image really bothered me at time (and still does) but it sums up the Iraq War – people dying senselessly for nothing. The checkpoint shooting of Giuliana Sgrena and Nicola Calipari occured a month before I wrote the piece and was still in the news so maybe checkpoint shootings in general were on my mind.

  9. From recent CDC release http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/ad/ad384.pdf
    The percentage of those who use have used illicit drugs is higher in Non-hispanic whites than it is in either Hispanic Americans or African Americans.
    So the next time the pundits decry the crack-head minorities, use the facts to turn the conversation to us WASPish Crack-Head Gringos.

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