Your President Speaksapalooza: If It’s Saturday, It Must Be Italy

Saturday, at the US Embassy in Rome, Italy, with members of the Community of Sant’Egidio [Chimpy had to cancel his plans to actually visit the Community of Sant’Egidio at the Piazza S.Egidio in Rome because thousands of protestors wouldn’t let him get near the place.].

These International Army

I want to thank you for being a part of these international army of compassion.

Saturday, in Rome, during a presser with Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

What’s Italian For “Darn”?

As Romano said, the bilateral relations are pretty darn solid, and I appreciate that. There’s a lot of Italian Americans who have got great pride for their homeland.

Affecting The Poor

And I talked to him about our attempts to feed the hungry, and I also reminded him that we’ve got poor people in our own neighborhood that need to be affected

Does Not Know The Meaning Of The Word “Worrisome”

Q — Pope has said —


Q The Pope has said Iraq was worrisome.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yes, he’s worrisome [sic] about the Christians inside Iraq being mistreated by the Muslim majority.

No Shit

Q Thank you. You’ve just told us that you and President Bush have just returned from your G8 summit. Now, the outcomes that have been stated on the many issues that you discussed — climate, development, and the missile shield — now, are those real — is that real progress, or not? And the deadline for the Kosovo independence —

PRESIDENT BUSH: What? Say that again?

Q Deadline for the Kosovo independence?


Q Deadline, deadline.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Deadline. Beg your pardon. My English isn’t very good.

Where They Get Their Heritage

There are millions of people in our country who love Italy, because that’s where their heritage is from.

The Italian Heritage

I’m sure you know this, but the heritage — the Italian heritage is a powerful part of our country and its culture.

Peter Pace Won’t Stop Talking About His Dick

And the interesting thing about Pete Pace — even though he had four stars on his shoulder, always talked about the private.

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaksapalooza: If It’s Saturday, It Must Be Italy

  1. And this has been another edition of Proof that God Does Not Smite People with Lightning Even When the People REALLY Deserve it: Bush talking about how we feed the hungry.
    Though the “worrisome” thing was pretty classic, too, I must say.

  2. “PRESIDENT BUSH: Deadline. Beg your pardon. My English isn’t very good.”
    Say, Holden, does the transcript indicate if the Idiot-in-Chief snorted and chuckled after his little “joke”?

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