Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

According ToGaggle Back-Bencher Tony Farto, Your Tax Dollars Are Paying To Fly Chimpy Around To Raise Money For Republikkkans Today

MR. FRATTO: Congressman John Boozman will meet the President at the airport and will be with us during our time in Rogers. And then from there we’ll go to Memphis for Lamar Alexander’s fundraiser.

Tony Farto Says Chimpy Won’t Negociate Through The Media…

Q Back on S-CHIP. Speaker Pelosi said that she is waiting for an overture from the President before any talks would begin. Is the President —

MR. FRATTO: Well, the President made an overture. He made an offer to sit down and find common ground. And what the reaction of the Senate leadership was, were certain — a certain negative reaction from Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, delaying the veto override vote for time to pressure lawmakers. So I think at that point it became clear that at least until the veto is sustained, it was going to delay opportunities to have discussions with the House and the Senate as they try to override the President’s veto.


Q She’s saying that she won’t accept any proposal that doesn’t cover the 10 million children that the Democrats want to be covered.

MR. FRATTO: Well, we’re not going to negotiate through the media on this and lay down markers like that.

Yet In Yesterday’s“Setting The Record Straight” Press Release The Only Compromise Offers Farto Cited Were Made Through The Media

Speaker Pelosi’s comment today that the President has “never talked about a compromise” on SCHIP is refuted by the President’s statement made earlier this month and repeatedly since that he is “more than willing to work with members of both parties from both Houses.” The President continued: “If they need a little more money in the bill to help us meet the objective of getting help for poor children, I’m more than willing to sit down with the leaders and find a way to do so.”