Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison may leave early, won’t seek re-election

From theHouston Chronicle:

WASHINGTON — Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison told a Texas magazine she will
not seek re-election after this term and may leave the Senate as early
as 2009, according to excerpts published on the magazine’s Web blog on

Hutchison told Texas Monthly in an interview to be fully published
in December that she would end her Senate career in 2012, whether or
not she runs for governor.

Stepping down in two years “has to be considered,” the Texas Republican senior senator is quoted as saying in the excerpts.

Hutchison declined an interview request from The Associated Press,
but a spokesman for the senator confirmed the accuracy of the magazine

If she does run for governor and wins, once she steps down as
senator a temporary appointment would be made by the governor to fill
the Senate seat until an election is held. It’s conceivable she would
get to make that interim selection if she’s the incoming governor.

7 thoughts on “Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison may leave early, won’t seek re-election

  1. She’s hasn’t sunk to quite the level of Cornyn, our other senator from Texas but that’s nothing for her to crow about. For governor, I’ve disliked Perry enough that I had hoped she would unseat him in the last election and believe me, it took alot for me to stomach wanting her to run. Perry was reelected with 33% of the votes against three others. “Governor Goodhair” (god, I miss Molly) thinks that’s a fuckin mandate from the people for his political prowess! God help us if this idiot gets to Washington.

  2. We’ll have to wait and see but “has to be considered” sounds like Republican double-speak to me. Sort of likeStill-in-the-Senate Craig’s “intend to resign” September 30th.

  3. That’s it. I’m growing my lovely blonde helmet and declaring myself a candidate to replace Her Vacancy.

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