9 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Well, now, this could get interesting. How much of a skewering will they give the media, hmmmm?
    Not e-bloody-nough, imho. Now matter how much.

  2. Feh, typos. It’s too damn early to be typing. Especially when my beloved Rockies had me, ahem, celebrating a bit last night.

  3. Athenae,
    *that* very young Howard Dean looks like jailbait.
    (and somewhat resembles Hugh Laurie … drifts off into happy daydream…)
    From that I infer that Damien Lewis makes Jake Gyllenhall look like an old man.
    But the conclusion I can base on evidence is that Howard Dean has always had
    the caliber of looks to go with his passion and intelligence.
    I do hope he’s happily married into the bargain, as an he weren’t ‘twould shame justice.

  4. I didn’t know that Howard Dean had a son in England who grew up to be Damian Lewis, then.
    The things you learn.

  5. i have to say i find dean sexier.
    hey, i had a thing for the professor on gilligan’s island only reason i watched that stoopid show.

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