So why did Bobby Jindal get elected Governor of LA?

One reason is that the State Democratic Party of Louisiana makes the national Dems look like Stalwart Spirits with Adamantine Backbones and Fists of Fury.

Consider this: in a state where the Dems outnumber Republicans by roughly 2 to 1, the true Democratic candidate for Guvcame in FOURTH— behind the Conservative Independent (former Gooper), and the conservative DINO (former Gooper) and the real conservative Gooper, Bobby Jindal.

Of course, it’s Louisiana, so there’s some backasswards complicated reason for this madness. But let me just vent here and declare that the State Dem party is incompetent: strategically, politically, organizationally… etc. They’ve let the State GOP run all over them, and play sinisterlittlegames to get their way. The Dems need an overhaul, and fast.

As for Jindal, I’m sure all the conservatives nationwide who say Louisiana is too stupid for self government will now be praising our state’s “wisdom”, and our deservingness for additional flood protection monies (not).

Here’s some links on Jindal, in case you want to research this rising GOP phenom (linky, dinky, doo).

(Apologies for all the self-links to Your Right Hand Thief.)

5 thoughts on “So why did Bobby Jindal get elected Governor of LA?

  1. My parents are on vacation in India and Mom just called to tell me that the entire land rejoices as a desi boy has done so well in America. Today the governor’s mansion, tomorrow the White House. (Yeah, right.) CNN India has lost all rules of journalistic restraint and their reporters are besides themselves with vibrating glee. I simply stared into the phone and told her that this isn’t about us and our ethnicity but about Louisiana. But, she doesn’t care. So it goes.
    Yeah, cough up our dough, feds.

  2. I grew up in Louisiana during the Edwards years.
    After living in California for twelve years, I moved back to the Bayou State with my new wife to see if the lower cost of living and the proximity to family might be a better way to live. We chose Baton Rouge, where the economy was still going through a post-Katrina surge, and where I have a lot of family.
    After experiencing some of the most ugly attitudes, backwards hiring practices (where do you go to church?! excuse me?) and misplaced state and municipal spending priorities I’ve ever seen, we decamped for California again.
    Louisiana has just voted to keep going backwards…even faster.

  3. humans are so tribal. i mean everybody. not just race. it goes down to cities and states. i belong to the packer tribe of the wisconsin tribe. not sure about the amerika tribe tho. i guess the constitution tribe. democrat tribe.

  4. Jindal has many faces and forked tongues:
    ‘Especially with targeted audiences, Jindal could speak to the Republican base. He professed his opposition to abortion, signaled a willingness to consider the teaching of intelligent design, and discussed the need to cut taxes.
    In television ads and other, broader appeals, Jindal focused on his competence and integrity.
    “We’ve got a government that’s out of control,” he said in his stump speech. “We’ve got a government that spends our money without any regard. We’re in the top five in having the most crooked politicians in America. We’re going to change that.”‘
    “He attended high school at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. In 1991, he graduated from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, with honors in biology and public policy.”

  5. This post is more or less what i would say to any non-Louisianan demanding an explanation of Saturday’s outcome. Some of the “backassards complicated reasons” you refer to involve the cyclical Louisiana “reform” impulse as well as the ability of the elitist local media to frame elections in a way that favors the conservative.

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