Musta Been Typo

Seems to me that$1.4 billion would provide health care for many poor kids.

The Pentagon has asked Congress for $1.4 billion in emergency spending to combat a growing threat of sniper attacks in Iraq based on an overstated assessment of the extent of the attacks, its records show.

In last week’s spending request, the Pentagon said sniper attacks have quadrupled in the past year and, if unchecked, the attacks could eclipse roadside bombs as the top killer of U.S. troops. However, the rate of sniper attacks has dropped slightly in 2007 and fallen dramatically in the past four months, according to military records given to USA TODAY.

Pentagon officials acknowledged the mistake Monday after questions about the data were raised by USA TODAY.

“The term quadrupled will be removed from the justification because it is simply incorrect,” said Dave Patterson, deputy undersecretary of Defense.

In 2006, there were 386 sniper attacks on coalition forces, according to data from the Multi-National Force-Iraq headquarters in Iraq. Through Oct. 26 of this year, there were 269 sniper attacks, the figures show.

4 thoughts on “Musta Been Typo

  1. To paraphrase James Baker, “F**k the poor kids, they don’t vote for us anyway.”
    Never let it be said GWB has never listened to Baker’s advice.

  2. Y’know…it’s just me, but the best way to eliminate any and all attacks on our troops “in harm’s way” over there…is to BRING THEM HOME!!! Then, we can approve a budget $$$ to actually help the returning wounded AND our health-care-restricted/denied children in one go!

  3. But wait, didn’t we hear that the surge is working? So why would those attacks have quadrupled? I don’t get it.

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