Do you like Vlogs?

For the most part I don’t care for them. WingnutDebbie Schlussel has taken it up and reports…

Yesterday’s video ranked as the54th Most-Linked-To News & Politics Video on YouTube, with 820 links and at least 1,244 views at the time I wrote this. Not bad for a debut.

Below is a video of Willie B talking in his sleep. It has 11,169 views and comes up second on a very selective search of YouTube for “kitty sleep.” [WooHoo let’s make it No. 1] As it is about 6 months old and of a different “genre”– a statistical comparison to yesterday’s 54th ranked most linked to news and politics video would be unfair.

My only point is you’ll have more fun and remain better informed watching Willie B rather than Debbie S.

8 thoughts on “Do you like Vlogs?

  1. Hey, he IS more intelligent than Debbie Schlussel, even during his reactions to the editing…for instance, he doesn’t fly off the handle and begin babbling about the monolithic horde/threat inside the speakers.

  2. LOL! Michigan is hemorrhaging people. Our state idiot Schlussel will only make it worse.

  3. The only vlogs I watch with any regularity are on Video-blogging about television for dykes who watch television by dykes who watch television. okay by me.

  4. i played this several times and no reaction from the spares at all!
    basil still sort of does that. wakes up and ME! pet ME! he loves attention.
    me me me!

  5. VLogs of kittens are ok because the world can always use more kitten, but in general the video embed phenomenon is a serious waste of bandwidth.

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