Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, inWashington.

Wrong Both Times

I believe the legislation I’m going to talk to you today — about which I’m going to talk to you today is a path to government-run health care, which I believe is the wrong path for the United States.

Take Investment

In other words, I’m the kind of person who believes that it’s important for those of us in government to encourage people to take risk and to take investment.

How Many Of Us Have “Treasuries”?

I believe if you’ve got more money in your treasuries to spend, it’s more likely somebody is going to find work.

Offer Not Valid In The Justice Department

That’s one of the things I want to share with you. In order to get out of a recession and recover from an attack on the United States, we cut taxes on everybody who pays taxes, because I’m not the kind of person that says, we’re going to cut taxes on you because of your political affiliation and not because of you — on you because of yours.


And by holding down spending, it means — and by the way, setting priorities such as funding our troops when they’re in harm’s way — it means you can keep taxes low, grow the economy, set fiscal priorities, and reduce the deficit.

A Oil Infrastructure

We shouldn’t be in the position where if somebody decides to blow up a oil infrastructure in another country it causes your gasoline prices to go up.

Empowerment For Automobiles Now!

And one way to become less dependent on oil is to be able to grow products that empower our automobiles.

How Many Hog-Raising Buddies Do You Think He Has?

I hear from my hog-raising buddies that ethanol — driving cars with corn is causing them to have trouble feeding their hogs.

You Got To Know You’re Listening

You just got to know you’re talking to — you’re listening to somebody — you’re not talking, you’re listening — to somebody who has got great faith in the capacity of America to use technologies — to develop technologies and use technologies to deal with significant problems, so long as the government makes it clear these are priorities.

Mental Mashup

And at the root of the debate is a philosophical disagreement over the direction American health care — good people who have a different opinion on what we ought to be doing.

What Healthcare Got

Here’s my philosophy — that government ought to trust private medicine; that we’ve got a fabulous health care system. Does it have issues? Sure, it’s got issues.

The Gotherder

But when you compare it to other health care systems in the world, the United States has got a fabulous health care system. We got great docs, we’ve got wonderful new technologies.

SCHIP It’s Called

And we can now see the strategy clearly when you analyze the efforts to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program — that’s the — that’s the issue I was going to talk to you about; SCHIP it’s called.

The Bill, It Shift

It fails to cover poor children first, it shift children with private insurance onto the government rolls, and it uses taxpayers’ dollars to subsidize middle class families, and finally it raises taxes.

There Is Some Positive Things

There’s some positive things that we can do.

When He Became To Analyze

And then when I became to analyze the cost to the federal government of these junk lawsuits I determined it was a federal role to do something about them.

They Got A Case In The Courthouse

Yet many of the doctors who we hire to provide services practice defensive medicine, so that if they get sued they got a case in the courthouse that can defend them.

What We Still Got

Perhaps the best way to describe it is, is that we still got doctors handwriting files.

Holy Crap!

The dream is, is that all of us will have a — our medical records on a little disk, a little chip that we can carry with us, that will be secure from prying eyes, but nevertheless, will be a part of wringing out cost inefficiencies in a industry that needs to have cost inefficiencies wrung out.

A Call For Transparence

And finally, there ought to be more transparence.

Buy And Individual

Right now our tax code discriminates against people who are trying to buy and individual policy.

In Search Of The Lost Subject

Especially a bad time for Congress to stage political theater on health care because it’s got a lot of other work to do in other areas.

What The After-Tax Revenues Income Are

I like it when the after-tax revenues — income are up.

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  1. How is he holding down spending? How has he ever held down spending? How many trillions are we spending on his war of choice?
    Ah, for a lightning bolt to strike him for his outrageous lies!

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