Breaking: Imus off MSNBC immediately

MSNBC just announced that Imus simulcast will no longer be carried on MSNBC.

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5 thoughts on “Breaking: Imus off MSNBC immediately

  1. mdhatter says:

    …so they ate the minstrels… and there was much rejoicing.

  2. slim says:

    one down, one to go …

  3. hoppycalif says:

    Once the advertisers began to abandon the ship it was obvious that Imus was headed for a different career. Money spoke loudly that time.

  4. Annsman says:

    Imus said that his words,Nappy headed Hoes, were suppose to be funny. That would have been an insult to all comedians out there. And it still makes me wonder,why do people listen to people like Imus,and Rush Limbaugh. Just what redeeming qualities can you get out of these shows,is beyond me. I guess there are some people who just can’t think for themselves. Imus will likely lose his gig on radio,but will probably re-emerge,on satelite radio,where his legion of fans can pay their own way to listen to him

  5. Alex Fetcher says:

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