Trouble with the “Holy Father”.

Pope Benedict XVI and US President George W. Bush will discuss the Iraq war when they meet next weekend, the Vatican’s secretary of state said Sunday.

Tarcisio Bertone told Avvenire, a newspaper for Italian bishops, that the United States was “a great country” and praised Bush for his anti-abortion stance, but said problems remained.

“Such as the war in Iraq and also the dramatic situation for Iraqi Christians, which continues to get worse,” he said.

5 thoughts on “Huh-Oh

  1. And the general poverty, misery, fuckwittedness and insanity of the situations of many of our own poor people here, Holy Father, don’t let’s forget.
    I would like to take Pope Benedict on a tour of Bush’s America. We’d leave my house, go straight east to the open-air drug market, then tool on down through some schools that should be condemned, passing homeless people and drunks on the way, and let him decide if Bush’s anti-abortion stance still buys him a shitload of street cred. God. Literally.

  2. Yes and perhaps His Holiness could consider whether starting unprovoked wars and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people might not be a blemish to place against his supposed anti-abortion credibility.
    Not to mention the issues that Jesus talked about: forgiving enemies, justice for the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and all that “liberal” stuff that the Church should be
    focused on instead of women’s uteri.

  3. King George the Simple meets Pope Benny the Inquisitor.
    What? Do they compare notes of waterboarding? Will the Pope let George try on the cool Pope Chapeau?
    These men are arguably the two most powerful men on the planet and neither of them have a living soul. These two men are twin sons of different mothers.
    Somewhere, on a lonely cloud in the Spirit World, Jesus is shaking his head wondering where he went wrong. And wishing he could borrow just one of his Dad’s thunderbolts.

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