9 thoughts on “Saturday Video–Andy Card BOOED at UMass-Amherst Commencement

  1. Right on!
    Respect is earned, not handed to a treacherous murdering enabling fascist pig like Andy Card.
    I’m sure the School Administration was real proud of awarding that disgusting hack an honorary degree, for what, helping to destroy education in this country, kill 3444+ Americans?
    I’ll bet Joe Biden would have gotten about the same reaction too.

  2. Frrrom the Wiki:
    In March 2004 Card tried to convince Attorney General John D. Ashcroft to reauthorize a domestic surveillance program, which the Justice Department had just determined was illegal. Ashcroft lay ill in an intensive-care unit when Card and White House Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales urged him to sign the papers. Ashcroft refused.
    He’s lucky they just boo.
    People on the street should throw garbage at him.
    (bathe, bathe)

  3. That does my heart good.
    Except for all the flashbulbs going off. Anybody who took a picture of him — I hope your camera breaks.

  4. Members of the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees
    STEPHEN P. TOCCO, (Chair), Reading, MA, Exp. 2011
    ROBERT J. MANNING, (Vice Chair), Swampscott, MA, Exp. 2011
    ROBERT K. SHERIDAN, (Vice Chair), Hingham, MA, Exp. 2007
    ALFRED ALBANO, (UMass Worcester Student Trustee) Worcester, MA, Exp. 2007 (NON-VOTING STUDENT)
    JOHN A. ARMSTRONG, Ph.D., Amherst, MA, Exp. 2009
    LAWRENCE F. BOYLE, Milton, MA, Exp. 2011
    JENNIFER BRACERAS, Concord, MA, Exp. 2011
    MATTHEW E. CARLIN, Natick, MA, Exp. 2009
    CHRISTINE K. CASSEL, M.D., Philadelphia, PA, Exp. 2008
    JOHN A. DIBIAGGIO, Ph.D., Snowmass Village, CO, Exp. 2008
    TAMARA ENDICH, (UMass Dartmouth, Student Trustee) Truro, MA, Exp. 2007 (VOTING STUDENT)
    RUBEN J. KING-SHAW, JR., Carlisle, MA, Exp. 2010
    ALEKSANDAR KULENOVIC , (UMass Boston Student Trustee) Cambridge, MA, Exp. 2007 (NON-VOTING STUDENT)
    RICHARD J. LAWTON, North Easton, MA, Exp. 2011
    MARISHA LEIBLUM, (UMass Amherst Student Trustee) Pelham, MA, Exp. 2007 (NON-VOTING STUDENT)
    KENNETH MACAFEE, Needham, MA, Exp. 2011
    ROBERT B. MCCARTHY, Watertown, MA, Exp. 2007
    HEATHER M. MAKREZ, (UMass Lowell Student Trustee) Lowell, MA, Exp. 2007 (VOTING STUDENT)
    WILLIAM T. O’SHEA, Basking Ridge, NJ, Exp. 2008
    JANET D. PEARL, M.D., Wellesley, MA, Exp. 2009
    ALDA REGO WEATHERS, Attleboro, MA, Exp. 2011
    KARL E. WHITE, Boston, MA, Exp. 2007
    (Except for the Student Trustees, all appointments are made by the Governor. Student trustees are elected by the students of their campuses.)

  5. Although I despise Andrew Card, I really dislike the lack of civility given in these situations. Why was he invited knowing the sentiment toward him.

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