Waaah, People Asked Me Questions

God, SACK UP, Gwen Ifill:

Henderson, N.C.: As a PBS bigwig, can you explain the reasoning behind Frank Lutz serving as an analyst for PBS following the Democratic Debate. Why does your network expect this known Republican pollster (author of terms like “death tax” and “healthy forests initiative”) to fairly evaluate candidates from a party that he has spent much of his professional life fighting against? Do y’all have any comparable Democratic pollsters signed up for the Republican debate? Thank you for your time and I hope you have a good day.

Gwen Ifill: I see Media Matters has gotten through to you too. I am always impressed how good you all are at following their mass e-mailed instructions word for word.

There really is a species of WAmediaTB unable to countenance any kind of a challenge to his or her authority. I don’t care who e-mailed instructions to who, the only thing that matters is if the question’s valid. But these people are obsessed with name tags, and if you’re not wearing the right color, you need to STFU. This whining passed infuriating some ways back and now it’s just embarrassing.


7 thoughts on “Waaah, People Asked Me Questions

  1. I am always impressed at how good the media is at following the GOP Leesburg grid instructions for the week’s media spin word for word.

  2. What is interesting is that this is how the people at PBS should act when they get one of their stupid, “YOU HAVE A LIBERAL BIAS!” emails. But instead they run and say, “Okay we’ll put on a liar to ‘Balance’ someone who is a real person to satisfy you.

  3. Jeebus, that is pathetic.
    Here’s a question–if she got a polite question from a right-winger, would she have replaced the words “Media Matters” with the words “Free Republic” (or, better yet, with the abbreviation “RNC”)?
    Nah, I didn’t think so, either.

  4. Dumb as a stone and complacent about it too. My respect for her evaporated when she moderated the Edwards-Cheney debate in 2004.

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