What? No fake Presser…? FEMA quietly closing New Orleans trailer sites


(Photo: scout, March 2006)

TheTimes Picayunereports that FEMA is quietly evicting residents of nearly half the trailer parks in NOLA…

Neither the city nor FEMA has publicly announced any park
closures in New Orleans. But during the past few months, the
agency has quietly delivered eviction notices to residents
at nearly half the city’s parks.

Since August, FEMA has mothballed more than 800 trailers
in New Orleans. More than 550 more will be emptied in the
current round of eviction notices. But the agency’s
efforts to phase out the trailer parks, always intended to
be temporary housing for hurricane victims, might leave many
departing residents in unstable living situations, largely
because of the city’s steep post-Katrina rents.

Typically, residents have been given between 30 and 60
days to find new housing, but they say that’s often not
enough time, given the acute shortage of affordable housing
in New Orleans. Most people still in trailers are
working-poor renters who have clung to the temporary
solution for a lack of other viable options in their now
high-rent hometown, where the $500 rents that were once the
norm are now a rarity.

The article notes that 3 of 4 trailer park residents were renters rather than homeowners and “are also
likely to have an annual household income of less than
$15,000.” And the closings are “driven by FEMA mandate” not due to pressure from the city.

5 thoughts on “What? No fake Presser…? FEMA quietly closing New Orleans trailer sites

  1. Scout, I read that on nola.com yesterday…and as p*ssed off as it made me, the horrid comments below were even worse.
    To boot, the fact that the gov’t is demolishing perfectly liveable (okay, after two years of no upkeep, it would need some sprucing up) public housing that could have easily emptied out the FEMA parks is infuriating.
    I almost took a job in New Orleans this summer, but even on the not-shabby salary, I was going to have to struggle to afford an apartment that was remotely decent (and that would take pets…I was NOT giving up my 2 furry feline children). I didn’t want to live in Algiers, I didn’t want to live in Slidell, I wanted to live closer to work, but short of spending $1000 a month (OUCH!), forgettaboutit. I couldn’t afford to move there (at this time). I mean, $950 a month for a postage stamp w/no central air, no dishwasher, plus (in some places) fees to park…?!?! When pre-FLF, a larger apartment w/similar ‘features’ was barely $600 on Esplanade (‘just’ in the Marigny from the Quarter)…
    And to think these folks who barely make anything are being shoved out and if they are lucky, they can wedge in w/a relative…and if not…!?!?!?!? The Feds are trying to kill New Orleans, it’s just a matter of time.
    I thought it was bad when Clarkson was putting barriers in the seating at Jackson Square…now I practically long for those days.

  2. As many reasons as I can think of for dismantleing the trailer parks, the simple fact remains that the trailer parks are of FEMA’s making and therefore it is FEMA’s responsibility to see that there is an acceptable means out of the parks.
    Eviction is disgraceful.

  3. If you missed Countdown tonight, Olbermann played a clip of Rush Limbaugh mocking a 18 – year old Alaskan girl (?Inuit), talking of how Global Warming was tearing apart their way of life.
    This is on topic for NOLA in that the blowhard said something to the effect that if you want problems, look at NOLA, boo hoo hoo. So Limbaugh has admitted that NOLA was (and still is) a catastrophe.

  4. Oh, Maple Street – what has this country come to?? (Not sure I want the answer…)
    I truly weep for America.
    Thanks for the input! And Rush is WRONG!!!! (that was for my limpballs-supporting folks…why? you were such good liberals!??!?!)

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