5 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Edwards Edition

  1. No Gravel or Kuchinich. (sigh) Great speech A, thanks for the link. I had no idea Nancy Pelosi was backing him. Or did she do that for all the candidates?

  2. Nevermind. I just listened to Obama’s speech and Nancy introduced him the same way. His speech was also very powerful. Reminded me of the 04 convention.

  3. Great speech by Edwards! But talking about spineless Democrats when you’re being introduced by the likes of Nancy “Impeachment’s off the Table” Pelosi; talking about “change” when you’re part of a political system that actively excludes legitimate candidates like Dennis Kucinich; talking about representing “All” Americans while pandering to voters in what is one of the whitest states in the Union – all of that just struck a hollow note with me. For the record, I’ll back Edwards, and I don’t doubt for a minute that he meant every word of that speech, but this was just so much political theatre.

  4. So, gene214, is it Edwards’ fault Iowa is a white state?
    Iowa isn’t — never was threatened with being — part of the “Old South.”
    I understand that folks there try to treat everyone decently.
    They haven’t gone the “idaho militia” route or the klan route in Iowa.

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