Law Firm Tells Clients Feds Tapped Our Phones

From theABAJournal:

Lawyers at a Vermont firm that represents clients being held in the
U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay and in Afghanistan believe the
federal government may be wiretapping their law office phones.

So Gensburg, Atwell & Broderick sent a letter to other clients
of the firm on Oct. 2, warning them it can’t guarantee their telephone
conversations with firm lawyers are confidential, reports theAssociated Press. The firm’s three attorneys also think the federal government is monitoring the law firm’s computer system.

“Although our investigation is not complete, we are quite confident
that it is the United States government that has been doing the phone
tapping and computer hacking,” they say in the letter.

David Sleigh, a lawyer representing attorney Robert Gensburg of the
St. Johnsbury firm, says he believes the government can argue, under
current federal law, that it is entitled to tap into his client’s phone
and computer without a warrant.

There is more detail at the AP link cited above

3 thoughts on “Law Firm Tells Clients Feds Tapped Our Phones

  1. Well, yes of course the government can ARGUE that; the government (like any party in a lawsuit) can argue any damn thing it wants. That doesn’t mean the argument is valid, or that a court will uphold the argument.
    Quite frankly, the notion that some vague claim of “national security” (which is never put to the test) can overcome the long established privilege between attorneys and clients is absurd and abhorrent to any society that purports to live under the rule of law.
    I suppose we’re not that society any longer. But this is just wrong.

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