Damn Hollyweird Libruls

Oh, they’re justpiling on now.

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – President George W. Bush rarely comes out a winner in movie industry awards — and being named “Coldest Person in Hollywood 2007” is not much of an accolade.

Independent movie website Film Threat on Wednesday named the US leader top of its annual “Frigid 50” list, an irreverent look at the individuals who are “cold” as opposed to “hot” properties.

Bush topped the website’s Frigid list after seeing parodies of himself appear in films like “Transformers,” while being criticised in searing documentaries such as “No End in Sight” and lampooned by television cartoons like “South Park.”

“President George W. Bush has been a fixture on the big and small screens for the length of his historically tragic run,” Film Threat opined.