My Bad

I suppose this isan example of all the progress we’ve been hearing about.

BAGHDAD (AP) – The leader of an anti-al-Qaida Sunni group is accusing U.S. troops of mistakenly killing dozens of his fighters during a battle north of Baghdad.

The sheik told Al-Jazeera television that he had tried repeatedly to call American commanders and tell them they were fighting “their friends.”

U.S. military officials confirm troops killed 24 fighters in a battle in the same area. The military says the clash began as soldiers searched for al-Qaida extremists believed hiding there.

U.S. officials say initial reports indicate soldiers looking for al-Qaida operatives found armed men in the area, determined they were hostile and began firing. As troops pursued the gunmen, they came under fire from several directions and called in airstrikes.

U.S. spokesmen in Baghdad say they are still gathering details of the fighting.