Your President Speaks!

Today, at theWhite House, after meeting Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.

People… People Who Murder People…

In order to chase down people who murder people you need good intelligence.

Our Number Man

And we talked about the need for our military to stay in constant contact. To this end, the Prime Minister and I have set up a tripartite arrangement, for his number two man in the military to stay in touch with our number man and General Petraeus.

Get Naked!

And finally, I briefed the Prime Minister on Secretary Rice’s recent phone call with President Musharraf. I asked the Secretary to call him to convey this message: that we expect there to be elections as soon as possible, and that the President should remove his military uniform.

He Hurry Back

As I said earlier in my statement, that we made it clear to the President that we would hope he wouldn’t have declared the emergency powers he declared. Now that he’s made that decision, I hope now that he hurry back to elections.

Calling Them “Paks” Only Makes Them Angry

And so that’s — all we can do is continue to work with the President, as well as others in the Pak government, to make it abundantly clear the position of the United States.

End The Continuing Doing

I’ve assured the Prime Minister that we’re working very carefully and closely with people in the Kurdish part of Iraq to help deal with the movement of these people; to help locate and find and stop the leadership of the PKK from continuing doing what they’re doing.

There Is Issues

We understand there’s transit issues in airports; we understand that there is issues with money.

Refused To Answer

Q Mr. President, did you misjudge President Musharraf?

END 3:01 P.M. EST

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  1. I got to admit, you got a good idea here with the “Your President Speaks!” posts. The posts, you got to understand, the idea … I think the posts is a good idea.

  2. “Refused To Answer
    Q Mr. President, did you
    misjudge President
    END 3:01 P.M. EST”
    Bush am showing real strength and leadership quality.

  3. Paks? Greenbay?
    What a fool the [[man]] is.
    I’m ashamed he has a former pig farm here.

  4. How do I know that this is not all just fiction, made up to make Mr. Bush look terrible?

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