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Dana Peroxide Takes A Shot At Fran Townsend

Q On Fran Townsend, when did she tell the President, or when was he informed that she was leaving?

MS. PERINO: They’ve had conversations over the past several months. Obviously none of us would have wanted Fran to leave service. I think all of us felt safe because of her work.Of course she always says we are safer, but not yet safe.[emphasis added]

No Deadlines For Anyone Other Than Saddam

Q Dana, back on Pakistan. Does the President have any time frame in mind? How long is he willing to allow this emergency situation to go on over there before taking some kind of action?

MS. PERINO: Well, remember, Pakistan is a sovereign country. The President can urge President Musharraf to take a different course. We believe that the only way that Pakistan is going to have a free and fair future is if they can try to cultivate these moderate forces and bring them together. That’s why we’ve encouraged open dialogue. There’s going to be the elections. We do not believe that elections can be free and fair if you’re under a situation where the media is not allowed to report on the issues of the day and people aren’t allowed to campaign.

And so I don’t have a date to give you. I can tell you that the President is urging the lifting of the emergency order as — immediately, and the release of people who have been detained who were trying to express their views.