Pony Up!

It’s like clockwork. Just when theWaPo andUS News decide Chimpy is primed for a comebackGallup comes out with a new poll showing we still hate him as much as we ever have.

Bush’s job approval ratings have shown little change in the past two months — 32% of Americans now say they approve of the job he is doing as president and 61% disapprove. Over the course of the year, Bush’s approval ratings have been fairly stable, averaging 34% and fluctuating between a high of 38% in April and his administration’s low point of 29% in July.


Bush’s approval rating is higher among men than among women; among frequent churchgoers than among those who seldom or never attend religious services; among those living in the South than among those living elsewhere; among those in higher-income than among those in lower-income households; and among whites than among blacks. There are only minor variations in Bush’s approval rating by age and education.

Among African Americans: 8% approval, 89% disapproval.

One thought on “Pony Up!

  1. bell curve just means there are a lot more stupid whites and many are in 32%.
    considering the fawning presstitutes georgie has, imagine if he had clinton’s attack gnews.

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