Times Picayune Blasts Presidential Commission on Debates


Editorial: A shameful rebuff

How naive of New Orleanians to think that a sense of justice and
site logistics — not politics — would determine the locations for
next year’s presidential debates.

What else but politics explains the indefensible decision by the Commission on Presidential Debates to leave New Orleans out?

The commission’s official line is that the city, recovering from
Hurricane Katrina, is not ready to host such an important event. That’s
what commission Co-chair Paul Kirk told Anne Milling, founder of Women
of the Storm, which together with four local universities sponsored New
Orleans’ proposal.

“Politics trumped the moral decision,” an incensed Ms. Milling said Monday.

The commission’s explanation is a slap in our face. It also contradicts the reality on the ground.


Commission member Mark McCurry would have us believe that the group
actually did us a favor. He said the staff was not convinced the city
could pay for the required police overtime and that the expense was not
“a fair thing to do to ask the citizens of New Orleans … to pick up
all these financial costs.” Maybe next he’ll ask the tourists to do us
a favor and not visit us. Please, Mr. McCurry, no more favors!


The debate commission claims our city is not ready for their event.
But their decision to select the University of Mississippi in Oxford
makes it clear that readiness and logistics had nothing to do with it.

6 thoughts on “Times Picayune Blasts Presidential Commission on Debates

  1. As I said before – New Orleans has hosted TWO Mardi Gras, JazzFest, VooDoo Music Experience, Celebration in the Oaks, Halloween, Endless Night, etc…but it ‘can’t’ handle some gasbag debate??!?!??!??! The smell of bovine fecal matter is everywhere on that stupid decision.

  2. As I said before – New Orleans has hosted TWO Mardi Gras, JazzFest, VooDoo Music Experience, Celebration in the Oaks, Halloween, Endless Night,
    Plus the ALA Annual Conference in ’06 and this year’s Episcopal Church convention, I believe.
    Yes, security would be more of an issue with politicians about. But if they really wanted it I think NO could pull it off.
    It does seem to be about not embarrassing the Republicans. After all, NOLA was in the Katrina track and still hasn’t fully recovered (and what recovery there has been there has been in spite of, not necessarily because of, federal/state aid). Oxford has all the old-school-tie goodness of Ole Miss, and it’snorthern Mississippi, so the Republicans can go “aw shucks” about the pore folk on the MS coast without actually being confronted with the devastation.

  3. Yeah, I knew there were more large-scale things that had gone on, but just not by name. I stuck to what I know or had actually participated in. 🙂
    S’okay – I am hoping to go visit again shortly and will be happier not having the blowhards around. However if DK and his truly lovely wife are in town, I shall be happy to share New Orleans w/them!

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