From theTimes Picayune:

Frank Fahrenkopf Jr., one-time chairman of the Republican National
Committee, [and present co-chair of Commission on Presidential Debates] brushed aside speculation that Republicans vetoed New
Orleans as a presidential debate backdrop for fear that the Bush
administration’s hapless response to Hurricane Katrina would reflect
poorly on them.

“That’s stupid,” Fahrenkopf said. “This isn’t a bunch of fly-by-night politicians making these decisions. We don’t play games.”

Ahh that from the president and CEO of theAmerican Gaming Association.

But I don’t think people suspect that Fahrenkopf was playing games as much as making deals.

3 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. Did he even think how blatantly stupid that was before he said it.
    Additionally, as the Republicans in the South are usually the ones opposing legalized gambling on moral grounds, isn’t it odd that their front – man is the prez of the American Gaming Assoc??????????

  2. Fahrenkopf doesn’t play games in his day job. When it came time to pick a site for the American Gaming Association’s casino design conference (Global Gaming Expo – G2E Institute) Fahrenkopf took site selection so seriously that he moved the convention from Las Vegas to…New Orleans. In ’07. It’s plain good business to hold meetings in New Orleans as Fahrenkopf’s own actions demonstrate.
    It’s just not good politics for Republicans AND a not insignificant group of useless Democrats.

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