Mother Nature Cleans Up After Israeli War Criminals


The season’s first hailstorm Tuesday was a blessing in disguise for cluster bomb-infested parts of southern Lebanon, triggering blasts from previously unexploded bomblets. No injuries were reported.

After a long dry spell across Lebanon, hailstones as big as walnuts hit villages and struck undiscovered bomblets scattered across the landscape, the state-run National News Agency reported.

Dalya Farran, a spokeswoman for the United Nations Mine Action Coordination Center (MACC), confirmed that many cluster bombs exploded when they were hit by hailstones in villages near the town of Marjayoun.

More than 30 people have been killed by cluster bombs in southern Lebanon since last year’s war between Hezbollah and Israel.

The United Nations and human rights groups accuse Israel of dropping about 4 million cluster bomblets during the war. Up to 1 million failed to explode and now endanger civilians in the area.

7 thoughts on “Mother Nature Cleans Up After Israeli War Criminals

  1. MapleStreet says:

    I’m trying to imagine sitting in my house and listening to the bomblets exploding, knowing that these were scattered around and I could have accidently set the off instead.
    Not a pretty picture.

  2. Doug says:

    That Mother Nature is a pretty smart feller!

  3. Doug says:

    That Mother Nature is a pretty smart feller!

  4. D-BB says:

    You know, it’s always the Jews’ fault.

  5. D-BB,
    Um, so you are saying that Israeli use of cluster bombs in Southern Lebanon, in violation of US and Internation law, is not the fault of Israel?
    Please explain. This should be good.

  6. Interrobang says:

    That’s a Jewish Mother™ for you — overprotective to the point of cleaning up after those Nice Jewish Boys™ when they really ought to do it themselves.

  7. ran says:

    But yet we coddle and subsidize this murderous little scofflaw apartheid state. Why?

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