And so it comes to this…


Willie B and I will be listening to the game between the 10-1 Packers and 10-1 Cowboys on the radio.

Thanks NFL Network and Charter Cable—which am I supposed to hate more at this moment?

Just Aaaargh

UPDATE: Final: Dallas 37-Packers 27

Even though the Packers had some key players out and lost Favre to injury in the second quarter they still made a game of it

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  1. Don’t hate the NFL…they spent years building their brand and the cable companies have tried every trick in the book to beat the NFL asking price down…not to pass the savings on to you, but to maximize their profit on a network that everyone wants. After giving up cable eight years ago for DirecTV, I’ve never looked back and plan on moving my DTV subscription to Lafayette next year…but I’ll definitely take advantage of LUS new Fiber-to-the-Home service and enjoy 100Mbs from my house to the core switch.

  2. Oooh, Scout, that run for the touchdown the Pack just scored was a thing of beauty. Grant was all alone on the field and running from them all within 5 yards. He burned that Dallas defense big time.
    And I’m watching on DirecTV, which I have solely so I can watch football – Sunday ticket lets me never miss a Vikings loss.

  3. So far it’s a lot like those dramatic heavyweight bouts from the 70’s. Ali – Frazier, Frazier – Lyle and the like. Huge blows that would take other opponents off their feet and then the wounded warrior delivers a big shot of his own and evens the fight. Dallas just used TO as a decoy and took command again. We’ll see if Favre can find Jennings or Driver this possession. But from the looks of things, we’re closing in on a 45 – 41 finish.
    We’re looking forward to escaping Vegas and buying some acreage outside of Lafayette and settling into a slower paced life.

  4. Thanks for updates folks.
    It doen’t look good at the moment…except Dallas just lost a challenge

  5. Yo Scout – MyP2P has this live via streaming Danish TV. You need some video apps/plugins but it’s there. Check it out. Set it up at halftime. Your virus software will freak, but it’s clean. Just streaming torrent technology… enjoy and thanks for all the work you guys do here – T

  6. I have DirecTV and hate it. They were great for a few years but they have overcharged me every single month for nearly a year. I have to call them once a month and spend forever on the phone getting my bill fixed.
    Ok as for the game? Its been rather boring. I’m about to switch over to a basketball game. So if you had to miss one game this season, so far, this was the one.

  7. Halftime—27-17 and Favre out with an injury. But backup Aaron Rodgers just threw his first NFL TD. So…

  8. Sunday ticket lets me never miss a Vikings loss… leinie
    Don’t worry about the Vikes…a bit more experience for the QB and a healthy season for Peterson and you’ll be sitting on top of your division. In fact, I’ll predict a wild card for you guys this year. I’m a long suffering Chiefs fan and you guys are due up on the football gods karma wheel. : )

  9. Cyb, I’ve watched them win, and lose, for a number of years. I’m not convinced that a little experience is going to turn Tavaris into what we need, but he could surprise me.
    Peterson is sure fun to watch, but part of his determination and won’t quit makes me worry about him staying healthy.
    Boy, was it great to watch them embarrass Eli last Sunday, though. That was sweet.

  10. And if all goes well in the off-season, you guys will get one or two solid years out of Donovan McNabb to complete Jackson’s tutelage. I grew to respect the Vikings during all those ferocious games in the late ’60’s and early 70’s with the stolid visage of Bud Grant and that amazing defense. Not to mention Joe Kapp and Fran Tarkenton. Maybe I just like old school.
    I really thought the Vikes looked like the team we’ll be seeing for the next two or three seasons last Sunday too. Is it just me or does Eli look like someone who really wants to be doing something else with his life?

  11. Let’s see how the teams respond to that little bit of humor from the football gods.

  12. Hate the NFL – they don’t have a right to insist that someone else carry their seasonal channel that most people won’t want to pay extra for at a rate that someone else’s business doesn’t think it’s worth. If the NFL hadn’t presupposed that their seasonal channel would be worth more than ESPN and wasn’t too prideful to back down (I’m looking at YOU, Jerry Jones), they’d be willing to try things the cable carriers’ way for a year or two, prove how popular their seasonal channel really is, and then demand more money. They way their players do – sign for a relatively small amount (most of them, except the first rounders) and then renegotiate when they prove their worth.

  13. ..he’s getting really big…scout
    Big is good…we’ve got a couple of 200 pound dogs and one cat who weighs in a 23 pounds. We’ve had her on a diet but she seems to be stable and healthy at that weight…she romps and plays with the mastiffs and then curls up with them to snooze after they play. I swear she’s the reincarnated spirit of Mae West.

  14. Mastiffs run large…but they’re the most gentle dogs I’ve ever been around. The cats treat them as big furry heating pads during what we call winter here in Vegas. Rats!!! Another Dallas TD…boo hiss on a ticky tack interference call.

  15. The kid from Colorado can kick the ball…one of the things I don’t like about modern football is the constant crunching of numbers and playing of percentages. I like the gamblers and the long vertical game down the field…for a while things were so antiseptic I thought the NFL might wither and die. But there’s always one free spirit and just enough randomness in the bounce of the ball to keep me watching.
    One of the mastiff’s came to use via the LSU Vet school as a Katrina refugee.

  16. “One of the mastiff’s came to use via the LSU Vet school as a Katrina refugee”
    Your mastiff was a Katrina refugee?

  17. Yes…found outside of Slidell in September. He spent about three months at the LSU vet school as we worked with Noah’s Wish to go through the adoption process. My wife gave up on December 5th, 2005 and we purchased a mastiff puppy. Noah’s wish called on the 7th and we departed for Baton Rouge on the 9th, new puppy and all. Picked up Moose on the 12th and we call headed back to Vegas on the 13th…and they’ve been my car riding buddies ever since. You get lots of looks tooling along in a Ford Focus with what appears to be two adults sitting in the back seat…until you get close enough to see their heads. I think Moose weighed in at 115 when we got back to Vegas and topped 220 as he at his way back to full health…he’s stabilized around 200 pounds and carries it well and has absolutely loved his new life.

  18. Looks like a tough break for the Pack…but they’ve shown they can play with the Cowboys in spite of coming into the game dinged up and losing Favre. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two meet again in January.

  19. Prescott…we went with the English sounding name. Moose came with a collar with Moose (mooses, meese???) adorning it and the staff at the vet school had been calling him Moose so we stayed with the name and he’s always responded. We think Moose is now four or five and of course know Prescott’s DOB.

  20. Mmmmm, mastiffs! My brother has one named Justice, CybScryb. He has the most amazing tongue–think Gene Simmons, only without the ability to put it back in his mouth. He gets dustbunnies on his tongue, poor boy. But he’s just the sweetest thing ever.
    And you are extra special for taking in Moose–may you and he have many happy years together.
    Sorry about the Pack, scout. There’s nobody I’d love to have seen them beat more than the frackin’ Cowboys. My loathing for them dates all the way back to the miracle ’77 season for the Broncos. I can still sing Jon Keyworth’s “Make Those Miracles Happen.” I really wish I couldn’t–it still makes me sad (and not just because it’s a really lame song…)
    Any word on how Favre is?

  21. Hey BuggyQ…yes, the Mastiff’s do come equipped with extra tongue, which can often be found dangling out the side of their mouth like an old man chompin’ a stogie. But they are just the most gentle giants I’ve been around. I was just indulging im my Friday Ferret entertainment and thought how different it looks when our boys are romping about the house. The wife says it sounds like two bears meeting in a meadow. : )
    Moose has been expensive, when he was rescued, he was covered in tumors, had heartworms and variety of other ailments related to his ordeal. Fortunately the LSU Veterinary School handled most of the initial problems and our vet in Vegas has a similar love of large dogs and has been very helpful. We did have to perform elbow surgery to remove congenital birth defects to the tune of $3000, but Moose is so much happier and healthier now that I’d do it again for twice as much. The surgeon said that Moose could have gotten along fine as an only child but with a companion who weighs as much who thinks fun is slamming his 200 pounds into Moose’s 200 pounds, it would be best if Moose physiology could stand up to the abuse.
    Last word I heard on Favre driving into the university this morning was a separated shoulder and bruised elbow. Apparently Favre has had this injury before and it heals quickly. He might break his streak of 269 consecutive starts next week, but only so he can be healthy for the playoffs.
    I’m with Athenae…a Crack Van would have been a total blast last night.

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