Hold the line

I have awakened thesleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. This comes just when I thought there was peace in our time and so had stood down to go watch season four of The Wire. Butthe Oyster has hit back and created a bulge in our line. Well I say Nuts… oh and WHAM:

UPDATE: AndHuck Upchuck delivers some Mack smack which I knowAthenae would Love Actually.

12 thoughts on “Hold the line

  1. Elspeth R says:

    Do mine eyes deceive me? Or was one of the guests a young Stephen Fry (of Jeeves & Wooster and other fame)??? I still love that song…it takes me back to those weirdly-styled days…:)

  2. Athenae says:


  3. oyster says:

    This is BRUTAL. Not only the YouTube, but my wife insistence on singing along– loudly.
    You’re a heartless grinch, Scout.

  4. Elspeth R says:

    C’mon, if I had a blog – “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses would be my volley! Though, I adore that song!

  5. scout says:

    War is teh ugly

  6. liprap says:

    Whoops! Sorry ’bout the comment copy…

  7. virgotex says:

    You mean I surrendered too early?

  8. scout says:

    Yes–yee of little war mongering faith.
    Of course you can always join back in the reindeer wargames

  9. BuggyQ says:

    It’s scary to admit it now, but at the time I thought Andrew Ridgeley was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I hated George Michael, and pretty much loathed Wham!, but Ridgeley? …mmmmm…
    And now? Knowing he knew Stephen Fry? …mmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  10. Dr. A says:

    I’ve been slowly watching/hearing all the Christmas war videos…I heard this song TWICE when I was out shopping yesterday (Petsmart and TJ Maxx).
    I confess that I was in suburbia!
    Later on, I went down to Festivus on Magazine St. and shopped locally…
    Susan Cowsill and her band were playing, I ran into friends, and got some really cute stuff from Wearable Vegetables -they have dog and cat themed items now! Check ’em out online!
    Happy Holidays!

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