Hold the line

I have awakened thesleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. This comes just when I thought there was peace in our time and so had stood down to go watch season four of The Wire. Butthe Oyster has hit back and created a bulge in our line. Well I say Nuts… oh and WHAM:

UPDATE: AndHuck Upchuck delivers some Mack smack which I knowAthenae would Love Actually.

12 thoughts on “Hold the line

  1. Do mine eyes deceive me? Or was one of the guests a young Stephen Fry (of Jeeves & Wooster and other fame)??? I still love that song…it takes me back to those weirdly-styled days…:)

  2. This is BRUTAL. Not only the YouTube, but my wife insistence on singing along– loudly.
    You’re a heartless grinch, Scout.

  3. Yes–yee of little war mongering faith.
    Of course you can always join back in the reindeer wargames

  4. It’s scary to admit it now, but at the time I thought Andrew Ridgeley was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I hated George Michael, and pretty much loathed Wham!, but Ridgeley? …mmmmm…
    And now? Knowing he knew Stephen Fry? …mmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  5. I’ve been slowly watching/hearing all the Christmas war videos…I heard this song TWICE when I was out shopping yesterday (Petsmart and TJ Maxx).
    I confess that I was in suburbia!
    Later on, I went down to Festivus on Magazine St. and shopped locally…
    Susan Cowsill and her band were playing, I ran into friends, and got some really cute stuff from Wearable Vegetables -they have dog and cat themed items now! Check ’em out online!
    Happy Holidays!

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