Happy Dodd Photo: Care Packages Edition

Packing up goodies for the troops.

More Dodd love:

Personally, I believe we are at a 1932 moment in history. The last gasp of the Reaganism that tainted even the Clinton administration is being played out on that Republican debate stage. After November, they will sweep the remains of that grand movement into the dustbin of history.

You could choose those that stood back, and waited until history was on their side before they moved bold agendas forward. You could hope that their theories of change were correct.

Or you could choose the person, who, against all odds, advanced the progressive agenda through every means at his disposal.

I’ve seen Dodd sailing against the wind and been amazed. I can only imagine what he will do with the wind at his back.

The “Chris Dodd for President” Flickr collection, which is like a crack IV feeding directly into my infatuated brain.