How can I resist when…

…it involves a Louisiana blog exposing Drudge stupid on a Green Bay Wisconsin story.

We Saw That blog saw a link at Drudge on December 23rd to a story at WBAY-TV in Green Bay on plans for Green Bay police to begin fingerprinting motorists at traffic stops. The article included a quote from an attorney which We Saw That found “particularly nauseating.” In their attempt to track down more information on that they contacted the reporter for the story who responded with this…

attorney I interviewed for that story has since passed on. I believe I
did that story three or four years ago. I’m surprised you still found
it on a website! As an update, the police department never decided to
do such fingerprint people at traffic stops. The idea was dropped
shortly after our story ran.

BwahHaHa…Next Drudge scoop:


WI to Begin Killing Teh Kittens

4 thoughts on “How can I resist when…

  1. I’m trying to figure out why Drudge would have picked it up. I can see that a PD in “terror mode” could have floated such an idea with the belief that a frightened populace might buy it.
    I can see that the liberals and constitutionalists would jump right on it as a violation of civil liberties.
    But it seems that Drudge would like such an idea (based on the folks that keep recommending him to me). So why did he jump on it so fast?

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