Home and Peace

Below Athenae posted her West Wing moment. Here is mine. It is the episode in which, at Christmas time, Toby arranges a military funeral for a homeless Korean war veteran. We have so many veterans now returning, who must find home–not only the place–but the home of their hearts and souls. I wish them peace

10 thoughts on “Home and Peace

  1. All good things to scout, athenae, and holden, and all other contributors to this wonderful blog. May the New Year bring you peace, joy, and fulfillment and all the happiness you wish. And blessings to all the little furries, too. From thepoliticalcat, Bandicoot, Zingiber, Madu, Gojira, and Gustav.

  2. Merry Greetings to you Scout and all the rest of the first rate First Draft Krewe. Keep fighting the righteous fight.
    Peace in ’08
    your humble servant in the republic of Texas

  3. Good choice, scout. A good friend of mine is a Vietnam vet and that scene is one of his all-time favorites. It brings tears to his eyes each time he sees it.

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