10 thoughts on “That First Day Back At Work Is A Bitch

  1. Jude, you are not alone in that thought. However, I might add he looks like he is not only sharting himself, but he is also stepping into a steaming pile, as well as getting a whiff of the nearby manure processing facility…
    I think the old MAD magazine onomatopoeia comes to mind “Glitsch!”

  2. c’mon Virgotex…no matter the condition you were in, you STILL had to have looked more impressive than the Brainless Wunderboy!!! I can see (and have felt) feeling the way he looks, but no way even in our least cognitive moments do we look that idiotic…! 🙂

  3. I just want a president who exudes confidence, strength, and dignity who can inspire the nation to do greater things. Unfortunately, the Chimp-in-Chief strikes out again.

  4. with any luck this worthless dipshit will drink himself to death within a year of leaving office.

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