6 thoughts on “In Case You Actually Want To Argue Jonah’s Point

  1. Glad to see Neiwert doing this dirty job. It would be very easy to dismiss Jonah as a clownish lightweight. But the ideas he’s presenting are pernicious, and need to be countered. The whole Swiftboating debacle ought to be proof enough that ideas and messages shouldn’t be ignored, even when they are patently false. Because otherwise, people will believe them.
    Also glad to see Neiwert using Paxton’s Anatomy of Fascism. I just started reading that this fall, and found it fascinating reading. It really is the definitive work on fascism, imho. It was such a relief to read–I’d always had such a hard time explaining to my students what fascism really was, and Paxton showed me why. The reason is that the fascists were all about gaining power–there really was no defining ideology that you can point to and say, “That’s what they stood for.” They changed their ideology the way a sailor changes the angle of his sails–whatever they needed to do to catch the wind of popular support. And to extend that metaphor, the really good sailors can take a wind blowing in the wrong direction and still make it propel them where they want to go.

  2. the milw urinal prints K-lo and the doughy one’s screeds. they shoulda just admitted it is the sentinal. as a kid, my grandparents got both papers. i never read the conservative leaning sentinal.
    i am appalled at the new edit head McIlheran.

  3. Thanks for linking to Niewert. Those are the first excerpts I’ve seen from DoughBob LoadPant’s book.
    The Nazis as ardent socialists? What a stupid ass.
    I would love to see DoughBob try and defend that statement on camera. Same with removing people’s wealth.

  4. I think his ideas may be pernicious, but they are not widely held by serious people. Rather than elevating them to the level of actual discourse among serious people, his ideas are to be mocked outright.
    See sadlyno(.com), they’re having the appropriate amount of fun with it.

  5. pansypoo, that newspaper merger was a train wreck from day one. Someday I will write me novel loosely based on my summer as a Jentinel intern …

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