Crimes of the Republikkkan Base

Yow, heads will roll at the Coast Guard when Chimpy’s minders hear aboutthis.


MIAMI – In Miami, the U.S. Coast Guard is urging Cuban-American families to stop financing the dangerous business of smuggling people from Cuba to the United States.

So far, though, those pleas have fallen on deaf ears as the lucrative trade in human cargo continues to grow and more men, women and children die at sea. Based on recent reports, the Coast Guard believes as many as 65 people may have died in Cuban smuggling trips since Nov. 24.

“I find it particularly frustrating and deeply disturbing that some in the South Florida community, and some Cuban-American families in particular, continue to support illegal and life threatening migrant smuggling,” said Rear Admiral David W. Kunkel, Commander of the Seventh Coast Guard District.

Arguing that paying migrant smugglers directly funds organized crime, Kunkel added, “Some members of the community are also tacitly supporting these criminals by failing to report suspicious activity or looking the other way.”