5 thoughts on “Helluva Speech: Edwards Edition

  1. John Edwards, how I love you! Keep on spreading that populist message.
    He is right, we, as a nation, can do better!

  2. Totally agree. Goose pimple-raising stuff. Obama’s was a bit too self-consciously inspirational for my taste. Substance-lite and disappointingly cautious. But he certainly has a way of making windy generalities resound with passion and purpose. Don’t doubt his potential as a great President. But the courage and conviction and genuine passion radiating from Edwards was unmistakable and, for me at least, left everyone else looking like a politician.

  3. I’m disappointed that Dodd didn’t get more traction but look forward to hangin’ in with him on the FISA battles – no retroactive immunity thank you – coming up. I had mentioned to my proxy delegate last night that I would go with Dodd in the first and then Edwards in the final if I had a go. I think that he went with Edwards all the way (was originally going for Obama but I think he shares that nagging feeling about substance and Obama’s veering toward social security crisis rhetoric). I was much more energized than I’ve felt in a while. Edward’s speech was smoking. So was Obama’s (although I too have concerns about substance). Hillary’s was gracious. The lack of republican outpouring and the enormous democratic turnout was stupendous and very encouraging.
    No matter how the primaries turn out I think that there will be a great Democratic team entering the White House and, hopefully, over the course of the next 16 years (figuring 4 consecutive presidential terms in all), they have the chance to restore the constitution and rule of law and can really turn things toward a progressive reawakening in the country. Maybe I should say, “ride a wave of progressive reawakening” since it looks like the people are bound and determined to lead in that direction. Can you say, “tired of being terrorized and robbed by a whacked out and corrupt Bush administration & Republican (War/Terror all the time) party?”

  4. …that I would go with Dodd in the first and then Edwards in the final if I had a go.
    That is if Dodd wasn’t viable after the first round.

  5. John Edwards should be President.
    Edwards speaks from his own heart.
    Edwards knows this nation as well as he knows the backs of his own hands.
    Woe betide us if we let the soft discrimination of appearance woo us away from reality.
    Do you know what it takes to win court cases? What you have to do on behalf of your client when it’s time to present to the judge and the jury a case that could not just change a life, but save it? Or render it unsalvageable?
    You’ve got to believe — got to know in your soul, and damn the rest of the situation — you can WIN.
    That’s not Hillary, who’s “ready to lead from day one”.
    That’s not Obama, who’s “ready to reach out beyond partisanship”.
    That’s not Huckabee, who’s so screwed up he has Chuck Norris’s wife on his victory stage instead of his own.
    That’s John. Reid. Edwards.
    That’s a trial lawyer. That’s a man who gave up a Senate seat because “America can do better.” Not the stuff of political careerism; not the thirty-years’ sinecure his delivery and presence could have easily brought him. Not the riches and power
    of entrenchment as an incumbent. John Edwards understands adversarial justice, and he knows in his soul — WE can win.
    America Can Do Better.
    That’s a man who came from hard times and knows what it’s like to work for a living.
    That’s a man who trained his mind, and used the talent and skills God gave him, to help the hopeless.
    That’s a man I’d trust — right now — with my life. With my livelihood. With my future.
    I wouldn’t trust Mike Huckabee with a battery-operated rubber rat.
    I wouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton with a takeout hotdog.
    I wouldn’t trust Barack Obama with a keychain Tamagotchi.

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