Iowa Caucus Coverage/Results Crack Van

Play nicely. I have to work for a while this evening, so does Scout, so Virgo Tex will be your guest host. Placate her with gifts of scotch and ferrets and all will be well.

Update: Van Closed! Thanks all!

And a special thanks to the lovely Virgo for doing a bang-up job driving us all around looking for the good stuff!


3 thoughts on “Iowa Caucus Coverage/Results Crack Van

  1. Thx, virgotex! It was loads of fun. I was fine with watching Tweety while I was able to snark about him with y’all. But when I left the crack van, suddenly he was the most annoying creature in the universe. Mr. BuggyQ made me change the channel because he got tired of me violently flipping off the teevee.
    You people keep me sane.

  2. My first ride in the crack van – I wish I hadn’t gotten on late. Thanks Athenae and Scout for providing the ride and thanks Virgo Tex for driving. Next time I’ll show up early with the good scotch – might have to sneak by the Atrios’ fortress and bust into a cabinet first (otherwise I might have to bring the malt liquor in the twisty brown paper bag…or maybe Harp). Also, what about turtles? Are turtles still appropriate?

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