10 thoughts on “Not Like I Didn’t Know It Would End This Way

  1. How sad is it that when Dodd was the only presidential (nay, only *Senator*) willing to show actual leadership and take a stand against telecom immunity… outside of the liberal blogosphere, no-one noticed and no-one cared?

  2. If he can be majority leader then I’m not sure I’d care if Edwards or Obama were to get the nomination. Hillary did gain some ground with me tonight though, as Medline Albright, someone I have enormous respect for, was standing by her side at her concession rally.

  3. A principled man who takes principled stands. Sorry we didn’t even get a chance to vote for him in Illinois — I thought there’d be enough momentum to go another month.
    On the other hand, Biden is gone, too. Hillary is the only DLC candidate left, with no one to provide cover to her right. That’s a very bad sign for a triangulator with a busy month ahead.
    Not an altogether bad night, goddess. And Dodd could easily be majority leader next year.

  4. Damn. I planned to vote for him on SuperTuesday, just to show him some love. Now I have to figure out who I’m voting for. None of the other candidates has impressed me over the last year as much as Dodd has.
    So…how do we get him the Majority Leader spot?

  5. Glad to see Edwards finish ahead of Clinton, even if it was just barely. Hope he does well in NH. And YES, Dodd for Majority Leader (if he doesn’t get tapped for VP).
    And thanks, A. for gassing up the crack van. It was fun!

  6. Just the fact that he made a principled stand against the telco immunity (and I might add it seemed like he was almost alone a la Mr Smith Goes to Washington) speaks well for his character.
    Would I be right in guessing that he’d have much more power to set policy as majority leader than as VP? I want to see that character used to its maximum potential (for that matter, wasn’t “character” a defining issue in the 2000 prez election?)

  7. I too am sorry to see Dodd go. Wish he’d give it a go a little longer. Even with low numbers, it is only 1 state. Keep up the fight for the Constitution, Chris.

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