5 thoughts on “I Want To Have Lower Manhattanite’s Baby

  1. OMG! Can I have his baby too? Baseball & politics wrapped up in one delicious post, yum.

  2. Of course, the Giants went on to lose the World Series in 1951.
    Just as George Romney failed to win the Republican nomination for president in 1968.
    And his son will follow suit 40 years later.

  3. If you want to take the NY baseball scene further, the other team was the Yankees. They were US Steel. Today, they would be the “Village, ” the establishment opinion. Both the Giants and the Dodgers were the unwashed masses to them. Of course, the Yankees expected to win and did win in 1951 as they did for the two previous years and the next two years.
    No matter what side you were on, (I would not be born for another three years) it is possible to watch this as a moment of perfect joy. HBO had a special a few years back about the game and described the other side, the Dodgers fans. I remember the story about the story teller’s mother who did not come out of her bedroom that evening, His father opened a can of spaghetti and the other family members ate dinner in silence.

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