I Love Election Night

Crack Van tonight, starting at about 6 or so. We can all mock Chris Matthews and then watch Keith together.

Incidentally, election night was the night I always volunteered to work when I was reporting. I didn’t care if they assigned me some tiny referendum or park district bond issue to write agate for; I wanted to be in the room during the buzz and bounce and crazy of results coming back, people calling, running around, ordering pizza, making plans for beer afterward, chasing back and forth to candidate parties of victory and consolation. I know people who hated working election night, but I loved the chaos and energy.

No matter what happens, it’s gonna be exciting.

And (this is obviously very important for you all to know before you caucus or watch the caucusing) Chris Dodd has the backing of The Rally Monkey:


8 thoughts on “I Love Election Night

  1. It’s basically the same world: 15 people arguing over the rules while calling each other names and occasionally something amazing happens.

  2. Oh, I am going to rush home as safely-fast as possible to join in on the crackvan! I am sorely in need!
    🙂 Cheers! Here’s to Dodd/Kucinich 08! 🙂 (I am a DK gal, and knowing the Divine Ms A is a Dodderific Dame, I had to combine the two!)
    Peace and save a spot for me on the crack van…is that 6 pm eastern or central or what time zone?

  3. I’ll be joining y’all as soon as I get the kittehs their extra-special, super-expensive diet food at the vet. It’s great stuff–they call it “low-residue,” meaning less litterbox cleanup, and it really works.
    Too bad we can’t make the Preznit eat it.

  4. Virgotex, no, not a crackvan virgin, but I do believe it’s been long enough for me to have cobwebs…LOL!
    (still at work…income rules the waves at present…bother!)

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