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Ed “The Weasel” Gillespie Discusses Chimpy’s Efforts On Your Behalf

Q One of the things on a lot of people’s minds back home is the price of oil. Has that come up, or does the President plan to bring that up with the King?

MR. GILLESPIE: It has come up. It’s come up in different context. There’s been questions about — and again, I don’t know about the President’s conversation with the King; I’m talking more generally about conversations in the region. There was interest in reducing* — alternative fuels and the efforts there, and how that’s going. There has been talk about the oil prices, but I don’t know if the President will raise it in his one-on-one, or if he’s raised it yet today. I can’t answer that question about the King.

*There was interest in reducing (dependence on oil)…

Q Why wouldn’t he?

MR. GILLESPIE: I didn’t say he didn’t, I just don’t know if he’s going to. It has come up in other conversations and other context in the region.


Q This is for Ed again. I’m going to try once on the oil question. These are four countries that are — are major producers of oil in the world. Did the President at any time bring up with any of these rulers, either in a private session or in group sessions, the Americans’ concern about the high price of oil?

MR. GILLESPIE: Yes, they talked about oil. The President made the point about the — part of his agenda is alternative fuels and alternative sources of fuel. They talked about the nature of the market and the vast demand that’s on the world market today for oil. That was a point that was obviously made in the course of these conversations by our friends, and that’s a legitimate and accurate point. So there has been discussion of oil and energy, along with other issues that have come up in these talks.

Q Did those leaders in any way indicate some possible ways they’re going to — of mitigating against those high prices?

MR. GILLESPIE: I don’t want to characterize — I’m more comfortable letting other governments characterize the nature of the conversation from their perspective.

Flashback to 1999

Mr. Bush was critical of Al Gore in the 2000 campaign for being part of “the administration that’s been in charge” while the “price of gasoline has gone steadily upward.” In December 1999, in the first Republican primary debate, Mr. Bush said President Clinton “must jawbone OPEC members to lower prices.”

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  1. News today, GM has provided some form of finance to a small company that has a proprietary way to produce ethanol, eventually at less than $1 a gallon. GM is to offer many models of their cars and trucks that burn E85, that is 85% ethanol. Biomass is the source material to make the ethanol, which is almost anything that contains carbon. If I can remember the right figures, the US has 200 billion tons of biomass a year, and each to will produce 100 gallons of ethanol. GM needs the ethanol, the company can license its technology so that every large source of biomass in the country can produce ethanol for its local area.
    Hear that bush? Hear that cheney? You can take your money grubbing piece of shit friends and go fuck yourselves. You can take your hand-holding thieves in the mideast and suck dust. The goal is to produce 100 million gallons a year by 2011 from just one plant. How many plants can be online shortly after that? 1,000? 10,000?
    That’s only part of the good news. Read about new technologies coming online. Solar, geothermal, wind, hydrogen…, each one that will bring further independence. The old goal was to be energy independent by 2050. With the proper support that may be achievable by 2025, once we get rid of bush, cheney, big oil, nuclear, the oil countries and their princes. Those fuckers want to live in the dark ages, take away their blood money will take them back that direction a long way. It can’t happen soon enough. The best part seems that GM won’t want to make slaves of us by cornering the market on energy, like the nuclear industry is trying to do and oil is doing. GM only needs the source to sell its vehicles. This is the way things should be done, not like bushcheneyhaliburtonsaudiaribia and all the other scumsuckers.

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