Burning Down The House


Texas Supreme Court Justice Indicted In Arson Case

Following in the steps of his predecessor, Texas’ Republican Governor Rick Perry appointed his general counsel, David Medina, to the Texas Supreme Court in 2004, just as George W. Bush had appointed his general counsel (Alberto Gonzales) to the Texas Supreme Court during his term as governor.

In June of last year Justice Medina’s house was destroyed in a fire that started in the garage. A neighbors house was also destroyed and a third house was damaged. Medina’s wife Francisca and children were the only ones at the time. Arson investigators determined that the cause of th efire was suspicious because the detected an accelerant at the fire’s source, and they discoverd the Medina’s mortgage company filed for foreclosure on the house in 2006.

Yesterday a grand jury indicted the Medina’s in relation to the fire, Francisca Medina was indicted for arson and Justice David Medina was charged with evidence tampering.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The Republican DA who presented the case to the grand jury, Chuck Rosenthal, is now seeking to dismiss the grand jury indictments for lack of evidence. And the grand jury’s assistant foreman, Jeffrey Dorrell, is accusing the DA of a political cover-up to protect Medina.

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  1. Punctuational pet peeve:
    “Yesterday a grand jury indicted the Medina’s…”
    Indicted the Medina’s what?

  2. i really feel sorry that the assholes run your satte. i understand it’s prety. but with the fucked up judicial system you have, i am not gonna visit my e-pal. no way no how. toooooo many gun nuts.
    my state sucked a long time ever since tommy fucking thompson was in charge. got dirty toot sweet.
    see any goodness down the pike?

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