Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: River in Egypt Edition

On Siljander’s alleged terrorism collaboration: It’s all a liberal plot to elect Barack Obama, let the enemy penetrate us, be self-owned, and blackmail the Russians!

No, seriously:

Whats the difference isnt that what Barrack Obama is? Aren’t these two guys from the same neighborhood in Chicago… Is America that stupid to vote for a potential Muslim junior Senator from IL that has not been vetted by the media or any investigator?

Hussein Obama keeps coming to mind.

Why doesn’t this surprise me??? And they even made sure the blowback would hurt Republicans in the event he was caught. When are the American people going to wake up to the fact that we are deeply penetrated by the enemy???

Several of the responses on this thread from people who know Siljander better than I do have cast doubt on this accusation. So maybe we should hold our fire until we learn more.

Possibly he was a useful idiot, who helped a terrorist organization without knowing it. Possibly he was not involved at all.

The MSM naturally jumps on any Republican who is suspected of anything.

And it has been an increasingly obvious pattern that the FBI loves to go after Republicans, while letting Democrats get away with treason and corruption of all kinds, and dragging their feet or ignoring it. The administration has zero control over the FBI, which still appears to be working for the left, as it did under the clintons.

Thye trial could be a big show and backfire the anti-american dems.
MSM and their puppets are used to be self owned.
Just help them dig their grave…

I can’t see someone with his record doing it JUST for the money…he did something and was getting blackmailed for it, and then just sank deeper and deeper. The Soviets did it to our people all the time. Saddam did it with Scott Ritter and his perversions. There’s GOT to be something more than only the money.



8 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: River in Egypt Edition

  1. Oh, and anyone who thinks that the FBI hasever worked for the “far left” should be prevented from operating heavy machinery, using a computer, and reproducing.
    Seriously. If you think the FBI is part of the far left, you are crazyand stupid.

    Remember, Republicans getting busted for aiding and abetting terrorists… can only be good for Republicans.

  3. Somebody is gonna have to help me out here. How is a republican getting busted for ties to a Muslim terrorist organization going to help a demo who is trying to hide his Muslimness (but everyone knows he is only Obama as he changed the S to a B) get higher election returns. 😉

  4. BTW – just to help anyone who doesn’t know me – I don’t believe 1% of my above post.

  5. I’d love them if they didn’t vote.
    Yeah, I love the statement that the FBI targets the Republicans. Wha…?

  6. LOL. It must be part of a “vast left-wing conspiracy”. That can be the only explanation. Boy, Alco sure must have a big market in tin-foil sales to this bunch.

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