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11 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. pansypoo says:

    more denmark, more squirrels, more EB, more whatever i feel like. and a very special hint of what’s to come.

  2. candymarl says:

    I can relate. I fall off my chair all the time. Ahem.

  3. virgotex says:

    I think everyone agrees that Ray’s the prettiest whore of the week over at NuPac.
    Rigorous honesty « Got that New Package!
    Also doing very fine work @ their own respective corners:
    Nancy, all warm and toasty: Is anybody there?
    Racy chewed over some existential transcen-dental ponderings of the eucharistic variety

  4. Only one blog asks the serious questions:Is Bill O’Reilly a Scientologist?

  5. virgotex says:

    Pleasemaamandthankyou, I’ll take one more:
    Today is Janis Joplin’s Birthday

  6. Let’s see:
    On the lighter side:Blessed are the Peacemakers
    On the heavier side: prologue to the prologue of a question of ethics, orThe Problem of Utility
    On the MUCH heavier side: prologue to a discussion of the question of ethics, orPrologue to a discussion of Christ and Culture
    Whew! Too much heavy lifting. Ah’m plumb wore out! Think ah’ll get a beer!

  7. joejoejoe says:

    Lego Gandhi
    Lego Biko
    Lego MLK Jr.
    Lego Aung San Suu Kyi
    Lego Albert Schweitzer
    Lego Einstein
    Lego Dred Scott
    Lego Harvey Milk

  8. Paul in LA says:

    Voters voting in SC on PAPER TOWELS.
    Voters voting on PAPER TOWELS in SC
    “It is also being reported that voters in polling places all over the county used scraps of paper, note book paper, and even paper towels would be accepted as a ballot.”
    Democracy, ru(i)n(ed) by Bushco®

  9. MapleStreet says:

    Oy Vay ! Thanks Paul.
    For those not familiar with SC – Horry County is a very poor, largely black county. If this was gonna happen anywhere, Horry County is it (BTW – the H is silent. They don’t like the lady of the evening pronunciation).
    While talking about SC, I’m trying to understand why the torpedoing of McCain in SC is becoming an election day tradition. I get that McCain is popular in SC. But McCain seems to again be drifing along in the “almost ran” category with some potential; they pretty much left him alone so far. Then comes SC and BAM! All the smears come out of the woodwork.

  10. MapleStreet says:

    Oh, should have added – who in their right mind believes that computers never have technical failures? Ever hear of a power outage?

  11. Late to the party as usual, but I wanted to pass along someencouraging news for a change. Given the dearth of animal-lovers on this blog and all.

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