4 thoughts on “South Carolina Primary Open Thread

  1. Oh!!! If I can get my deadline met mid-day Monday, maybe I will claim a “gastro-intestinal issue” and go home…then I can have CrackVanus Uninterruptus!!! I promise not to start the heavy drinking until the SOTUA…maybe.

  2. And we need to save the Van for Monday afternoon’s FISA cloture vote and Monday night’s SOTU.
    I’ll volunteer for the hosedown and crime scene clean up between those two.
    We’re gonna need to re-order disinfectant and that special leather cleaner for the tether straps…
    The Van life ain’t no good life
    but it’s my life…

  3. I keep telling you, the Crack Van is VERRRY advanced and is the last word in using widely available and renewable “Snarkoleum” fuel which is combusted and thus surrenders its patented ‘vented spleen’ power that results in only the faintest of kitten noises from the exhaust. It’s clean burning, has no bitter smell (although the initial cause of snark might be so endowed), doesn’t pollute the environment and the supply cannot be controlled by only a few power-mad cartels! The only way we would run out of it, would be if sensible leaders that actually care about the Constitution, the Citizenry and the Environment were elected and common sense and civil rights were fully restored…and let’s face it, it’s not looking promising for that to happen anytime soon (unless Al jumps in the ring!!!).
    Anticipating Monday and pretending to send the dolphin noise…
    Elspeth 😉

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