I was 3 quadrillion percent* certain this would happen

From theTimes Picayune:

A federal judge reluctantly ruled Wednesday that the Army Corps of
Engineers is immune under federal law from responsibility for damages
resulting from the failure of drainage canal walls in New Orleans
during Hurricane Katrina.

But in shielding the agency from a portion of the literally
trillions of dollars of claims filed by New Orleans homeowners,
businesses and city agencies, U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval issued
a stinging condemnation of the corps and its actions in building the
citys hurricane protection system.

The suit sparked about 350,000 separate claims by businesses,
government entities and residents, totaling trillions of dollars in
damages against the agency.


One thought on “I was 3 quadrillion percent* certain this would happen

  1. 1) Pretty pyrric victory if Sovereign immunity is all the govt can claim.
    2) Thinking about morals rather than legalities, as it is clear that the corps made a little oopsie, shouldnt’ the govt help mitigate the problems even though they can’t be sued?

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