Happy Hillary Photo

Give it up for the winner of the New Hampshire primary.

I liked what I saw of her at the podium tonight, Tweety’s twatwaffling on about her tears and her electability and her big ol’ girly vagina has made me feel oddly protective, and she gave it up for my boyfriend Chris Dodd during her speech. She isn’t my first choice, but he’s back home in Connecticut right now, so I’m watching everybody again.

And everybody, this time? Rocks the house. Turnout, damn nice:

Edison/Mitofsky, which conducts the exit polls for the National Election Pool, estimated that 500,000 people voted yesterday, half the state’s eligible voters. That is higher than in 2004, when 44% of the state’s eligible voters turned out, and 2002, when the figure was just under 30%. Yesterday’s Democratic turnout was estimated at 280,000; Republicans drew 220,000.

And our rallies, for Edwards and Obama and Clinton too, those rallies were packed with people from all over the place, amped up to eleven and ready to fucking rock. McCain’s victory party looked like a Rotary dinner roiled by the news that they’d run out of salmon.


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  1. Sing it, A!
    “Tweety’s twatwaffling” and “McCain’s victory party … a Rotary dinner roiled by the news that they’d run out of salmon” are just spot-on — and dee-licious!

  2. And everybody, this time? Rocks the house. Turnout, damn nice:
    That’s an interesting fabrication of English. It twanged off my brain as a miss, but I still like it, it was very close.
    I’ll be around, A. Hope Mr. A is well.

  3. “…Democratic turnout was estimated at 280,000; Republicans drew 220,000”
    I believe that NH was the only New England state that was not solidly Kerry in 2004. It went for Kerry but had predicted “Too close to call”. The turnout seems like good news overall for Dems (and DINOs too).

  4. Realized last night, by the time I get to vote on anything in Missouri, the primaries will be pretty much decided. But I would vote in the election for any ticket where the Prez and Veep were any 2 of Clinton, Obama, or Edwards.
    But I don’t get the “Tweety” reference. Tweety Bird is a cute (although provokes trouble too), sweet little bird that people adore. I know *WHO* you’re referring to, but just don’t see the connection.

  5. Yeppers, I felt the same way about her. She’s like your little sister that way–we can make fun of her, beat up on her, hassle her all we want, but the minute the bully down the street tries it, watch out.
    I think the thing that irritated me most about the whole crying thing was that it seemed like they were all just waiting to pounce on the *slightest* feminine thing. It didn’t matter what it was–they just wanted to be able to bring it up. We’ve come far enough that they couldn’t just say it outright–they needed some pretext. I had hoped we were far enough to be beyond that. But as long as there are neanderthals like Tweety around… Well, let’s just hope next time around, they don’t even feel like they can bring it up *with* a pretext. That’s one reason I’m still glad Hillary is in the race. She’s the most viable female candidate we’ve ever had, and just by being in the race, she’s inoculating the next viable female candidate against this kind of treatment. I hope.
    As for turnout, it’s looking like the real bellwether we’re getting from NH and Iowa is that independents are saying, “Vote Republican? As if!” That bodes very, very well for the general election, up and down the ticket.

  6. “…Democratic turnout was estimated at 280,000; Republicans drew 220,000”
    And I bet that this skewed to the Republicans due to the media’s declaration that Obama was going to win big. That is, some number of independents (who could decide which primary to vote in right at the polls) chose to vote in the Republican primary because the Democratic race was ‘over’, even though they’ll vote Dem in the fall.

  7. for all their think how great they are, i found the new hampshire people’s reasoning to be quite retarded as the rest of american;s.
    and as a DUer posted. warmonger state. i say-whatever. nice she won. whatever. on to the next state. and more teevee gnews bullshit.

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