Just In: AFRICOM Still not in Africa


Our top story tonight: Generallissimo Francisco Franco isstill dead.

Last September Inoted that AFRICOM was still mainly located outside Africa despite this from the White House in February 2007…

“We will also work closely with our African partners to determine an appropriate location for the new command in Africa.”

Today Stars and Stripes reports on AFRICOM and we learn it is still located outside Africa and will remain suchforever “for the foreseeable future”…

The military’s newest headquarters command — made up largely of planners, logisticians and analysts — also will be staying in Stuttgart for the foreseeable future, said Vice Adm. Robert T. Moeller, deputy to the commander for military operations, in an interview Monday at AFRICOM headquarters.

“From here we can do all the activities we need to do with our African partners,” Moeller said.(my emphasis)

9 thoughts on “Just In: AFRICOM Still not in Africa

  1. This does make sense. These are analysts, ie paper-pushers. You would, in general, not want them in the middle of any flare-up, as losing them cripples planning efforts. While said analysts should have lived and worked in Africa to understand how to interpret information, you don’t actually want them in the area.
    General: I need this intel analyzed ASAP
    Aide: Sorry, Sir, but AFRICOM is 30 miles west of our forward position.
    General: Didn’t we just bomb that area?
    Aide: Oops.

  2. Phalimir…WH wanted it in Africa but there were no willing countries…
    last year or
    this year

  3. Lucky them! I loved Stuttgart on my one visit; nice markets, beautiful parks, a wonderful art gallery and an incredible opera house/company.
    Wait, that’s not the criteria?

  4. Same here, henry. Stuttgart kicks ass. I went to high school there.
    Army brat.

  5. Pansypoo,
    I like your joke. But unfortunately I get a certain irony that with missles and bombs, we can bomb them at 3 in the afternoon and be at home in the jacuzi by 6 PM.

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