The Surge Is Working!

But the question is justwho is surging?

BAGHDAD, Feb 6 (KUNA) — The US Army Wednesday reported its forces in Iraq are on average hit with an anti-armor attack once every three days for over a month now.

A statement by the MNF said such attacks increased over the past 35 days but caused no serious losses or damage.


While the increased attacks only injured some MNF soldiers, they killed many innocent civilians who happen to be close by at the time of the attack, it said.

The US Army recently shifted from humvees to more secure armored vehicles to reduce losses in anti-armor attacks.

4 thoughts on “The Surge Is Working!

  1. It’s so cute that they still talk about the “Multi-National Force.” I guess doublespeak dies hard.

  2. mullah cimoc say please mr. blogman tell reader where to get iraq war info. all him other ameriki suffering him usa media war news blockade and not know any detail of iraq war. then to clicking iraqi resistance. this for some information, not the perfect.

  3. Still rooting for more American deaths I see. Maybe you can win the general election if enough patriots are killed. Boo surge!!! Go Democrats!!!

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