Please. No More.

Now I need these.

So. Madison is experiencing its snowiest winter on record.Some people think of this as a good thing:

I hereby declare this the most spectacular Madison winter since climatologists had the foresight to start keeping detailed local records back in the latter 19th century. Until now, my all-time favorite was the winter of 1978-79, when 76.1 inches of snow fell on Madison to break a seasonal record that had stood for almost 100 years.

Yesterday’s gorgeous persistent flurries have pushed us well past that total. At this writing, the National Weather Service’s Milwaukee/Sullivan office is listing the Madison seasonal total at 79.2 inches. With another one to three inches forecast overnight into tomorrow, and some meteorologists projecting a possibility of yet more snow for next Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, surpassing 80 inches appears all but certain and even 90 may not be beyond the realm of possibility before the arrival of the spring thaw

No more. Please. No more.

But I’m here to do more than just bitch about the snowy (and extremely fucking cold) winter. You see, if we’re setting records for snow here in the upper Mississippi valley, then what happens in the spring down the river? If we in the central US have a particularly rainy spring, then, uh, oops.

Why do I mention this? Simple. Because, if we can think ahead and, you know, prevent disastrous flooding, then that’s something we should get on top of. I’m lookin’ at you, FEMA. You know, start checking out river levees now, and making sure you have shoring-up supplies positioned for ready access if need be.

This is the sort of thing FEMA should already be doing, I’d imagine. However, given the total fucking incompetence that this administration has demonstrated time and again, I wouldn’t feel safe having faith in them. Whaddya think?

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  1. I’ll help BushCo get prepared for events, and write something for them:

    Who could have anticipated that water would flow downwards?

    There, that should do it. Please send my speechwriting check to the DNC. Thankyouverymuch.

  2. I remember the winter of 1978-79 — that was when my husband and I moved to Mad City, our sophomore year in college. We thought it was normal for Madison, as a matter of fact.

  3. This is the sort of thing FEMA should already be doing
    BWAAAAAAAH! Stop. You’re killing me.

  4. My sympathies…but no envy whatsoever. I remember a big single snowfall in 1991 (and having to drive to work through it nonetheless: even the bus service was shut down), and the ten foot stacks of snow at various corners.
    Been there, done that…I’ll take heat and humidity any day.

  5. expecting Milwaukee to eventually break the record. WHAT? 12 more inches? oy, gonna be more water for lake mich.
    i remember that year in the 70’s. we had a snow fort in the alley built by a snow plow. why wasn’t it cold back then.

  6. Snow is great…when you don’t have any particular place to be and you don’t actually have to go out in it. I’m quite fond of saying winter is the most undignified time of the year, because it’s hard for me to, say, climb over snowbanks. I’d rather be safe than dignified, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t rankle.
    My condolences onthat much snow.

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