4 thoughts on “Happy Howard Photo

  1. And I thought the utter lack of self-awareness and introspection of the Bush Administration had drown Irony in the backyard pool years ago.
    A headline of “McCain In Violation of McCain-Feingold” would be simply amazing.
    And a big part of McCain’s problem being George W’s stubbornness in refusing to pull Hans von Spakovsky’s nomination to the Federal Elections Committee (as well as the Republicans in the Senate refusing to allow confirmation votes on the other nominees without a vote on Von Spakovsky) is preventing the FEC from even meeting! Republican stubbornness screwing Republicans? That is just too great.
    (And speaking of George’s lack of self-awareness: did you catch this quote from last week when he was in Africa? “A clear lesson I learned in the [Rwanda Genocide Museum] was that outside forces that tend to divide people up inside their
    country are unbelievably counterproductive.”
    “…outside forces that tend to divide people up inside a country are unbelievably counterproductive.”
    Oh, Lordy! You can see why I was under the impression that Irony had died a horrible death. So glad it has survived!)

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