Your President Speaks!

Today, inWashington.

Say A Clear Message

And the trade bill with Colombia would say a clear message to a strong democratic ally: We support you; we support you in your efforts.

The Global War On Articles Continues

It would send a chilling signal to our allies, and it would harm national security of the United States.

Don’t Bogart The Columbian Goods!

Many of the Colombian goods come into our country duty-free, it seems like we ought to be treated the same way by sending our products into their countries.

What People Do A Lot Of Time

A lot of time people think about trade, it’s just an economic issue.

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. regarding “duty free”, does the good and wise prez understand that traditionally, Columbia was a fairly poor economy in relation to the US? (and the high price of oil may help change that?)

  2. “Don’t Bogart The Columbian Goods!”
    Cristobal Colombo was the source of the name, not Christopher Columbus (same guy, Spanish spelling). ‘Columbian goods’ would include smallpox.
    Colombia has never had a poor economy (until the coca trade and subsequent takepover by the US-leaning rightwing and their rightwing guerillas damaged the economy). The world’s number one source of emeralds and a country which if laid over the US would cover most of it (twice the size of France) is not the poor stepchild of South America.
    “After experiencing decades of steady growth (average GDP growth exceeded 4% in the 1970-1998 period), Colombia experienced a recession in 1999 (the first full year of negative growth since 1929), and the recovery from that recession was long and painful. Colombia’s economy suffers from weak domestic and foreign demand, austere government budgets, and serious internal armed conflicts” –wiki

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