Your President Speaks!

Saturday, inCrawford.

Drain Bamage

Pretty good guests when you can have a meaningful mountain bike ride at sunset, and then at sunrise, and the man not even break into a sweat.

Memories of JimmyJeff

You’re in incredible condition, and I really have enjoyed my time with you — my time when we talked, and my time when we rode.

What He Strongly Believes On

I strongly believe on the policy of return on success.

The Raq or the Stan?

We talked about what we intend to do and how to work to have a comprehensive, strategic plan available for Iraq — I mean for Afghanistan — so our allies can take this plan home; can explain to the people why it’s important.

People And The Grassroots

We also talked about the need to make sure that there’s more civilian-military cooperation; that tangible evidence of a free society begins to become more evident to people and to grassroots in Afghanistan.

A Lot Difficult

A war is constantly changing, and what appears to have been an easy decision today might have been a lot difficult when you take it — put it in historical context.

There Is Some Historians

But the historians, I’m sure, will find ample — well, there’s some short-term historians already trying to find some ample opportunity to figure out what went right or what went wrong, what we could have done differently.

There Is Constraints

Having said that, I understand there’s certain political constraints on certain countries.